Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Magic" Starry Night Painting

{Magic Starry Night Painting}

A couple of weeks back, the story time theme of the week was "Night Sky." Mrs. D., of course, had a great craft project to go along with that: "magic" crayon resist painting. All of the kids got a kick out of seeing stars magically appear when they applied water color paint to what looked like plain white paper!


  • heavy weight white paper (water color or card stock works best)
  • white crayon
  • water color paint (black, dark blue, or purple)
  • paint brush
  • yellow paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • paint shirt/smock (optional)
  • something to protect work surface (optional -- vinyl tablecloth, newspaper, cereal box liner)
  1. With a white crayon, draw stars on a piece of white paper. (Older kids can do this themselves, but you will need to do it for little ones.)
  2. Give your child some night-sky colored water color paints and a paint brush. Have him cover the paper to "magically" reveal the stars! Set the painting aside to dry. (Tip: You might want to protect clothing and work surfaces before having children paint.)
  3. Cut a moon shape from a scrap of yellow paper. Have your child glue this to the night sky painting using a glue stick. That's it! Your child's "magic" night sky painting is now ready to be displayed.

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