Monday, March 17, 2014

A Case of the Mondays

On my to-do list: make a card to go with a baby gift for an upcoming shower. Done, but I have to show you this goof that I almost made. While gathering materials, I came across some cute animal paper, which reminded me of the nursery bedding the mommy-to-be had registered for. I grabbed that and some other girly accessories, including a letter "k," the first initial of the baby. Then I assembled what I thought was a finished card. Once I stopped and actually looked at what I had created, I saw a potential problem...

{See anything wrong with this?}

"Special K Miracle?" Hmmm... possibly the next big thing in breakfast cereals? You get a new baby and then you can magically fit into your pre-baby bikini that same summer! Or not. I don't think Kellogg's will be paying me big bucks for this idea any time soon.

While this wording may have gotten a few chuckles at the baby shower, I really wanted it to be more thoughtful. Needless to say, I removed the "special" tag and replaced it with a more suitable one that read, "cutie pie." Crisis averted, and I am now off to tick more things off my to-do list on this Monday.

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  1. So cute! Today, I was actually sewing some cloth diapers with cute sayings -- something we call quirkyburp rags. Spring and babies; so goes together!