Thursday, January 16, 2014

Puppy Paw-ty Invites

{Front of Invitations}

Mia decided that her upcoming birthday party will have a puppy theme, which is fun. One nice thing about this theme is that it's not a specific character so that gives me plenty of flexibility for creating the menu, decorations, and party activities. First, I made the invitations using kraft paper card stock and my computer.

  • 8 1/2" x 11" kraft paper card stock (1 piece makes 2 cards)
  • paper trimmer/scissors
  • circle punch
  • adhesive
  • red and yellow card stock scraps
  • scalloped scissors
  • scrapbooking marker (with calligraphy tip)
  • gold eyelets
  • eyelet setting tool

1.  I folded a piece of card stock in half (width-wise) and cut along the fold. Then I folded each piece in half again to make two cards. I did this a total of four times.

2.  For the wording, I used a free font called Puppy Bellies. It includes the bone and paw print icons that I used. The front of the card reads, "Come. Sit. Stay. Mia is turning 7 and you're invited to a puppy paw-ty!" (Yes, I used a punny spelling. Couldn't resist. Also, the i's are dotted with paw prints which is an adorable feature of this font.) This was done in Microsoft Word so that I got 4 per page in landscape format.
{Inside of Invitation}

The inside of the invitation features the party details on the right side. The row of doggie silhouettes was created using another free font called Can Dog TFB. I did this in Microsoft Word in portrait format, yielding 4 per page. On the left, we are asking for donations to the local humane society in place of presents. (I'll let you know whether or not that works out. Last year, I wrote "your presence is your present" but we still wound up with way more Barbie dolls than one little girl possibly needs. I am hoping that this new idea leads to useful stuff for charity. When I presented the idea to Mia, she was enthusiastic.) Again, I formatted this in Microsoft Word. Using the landscape setting, I was able to fit 2 per page.

3.  After printing off all the necessary pages, I trimmed them down with my paper trimmer and then gave all the pieces a decorative edge with scalloped scissors. Then, I adhered everything with scrapbooking adhesive squares.

4.  The cards looked a bit plain with just brown, white, and black, so I decided to dress them up a bit by adding paper collars using some red card stock scraps. I cut them to fit the paper but waited to adhere them until after the next step.

5.  The last step was personalization. I continued the collar idea by making dog tags out of yellow card stock scraps. I used a circle punch to make them round. Then, I used gold eyelets and my eyelet setting tool to attach the tags to the paper collars. Next, I adhered the collars and tags with my adhesive squares. For a final touch, I took my calligraphy-tipped scrapbooking pen and wrote the name of each invitee on a tag. I made 8 invitations using materials I already had which meant that I didn't have to spend any money!

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