Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kids' Quotables

My notebook is getting too full again, so here are the memorable kids' quotes from the past 4 months. Looking back, it appears that our whole lives revolve around food, particularly bacon.

Logan (at dinner): "Guys, I'm getting a rice mustache!"

Mia (seeing a jet with the stream appearing to come off the sun): "Look at that rocket ship!"

Mia: "Mom, guess what a sheep is."
Me: "What?"
Mia: "A grown-up lamb."

Logan (with his head in the toilet): "Hey, Mama, there's an echo in the potty!"

Logan (after spilling lemonade on his cucumber slices during lunch): "Look! Those can be boats now."

Logan frequently asks me in the morning where we are going that day that is "fun and exciting." Today I told him we had a playdate planned. He said, "Good idea, Mom. Everyone LOVES me!"

Logan: "Motorcycles are made out of metal and motors."

Mia (at breakfast): "I know how to spell yogurt: Y-O-P-L-A-I-T!"
Brett: "I'm sure most people would agree."

Mia: "Why are they called pigtails? They look more like rabbit's ears."

Mia (on why we cannot include dyed pasta beads in a friend's birthday gift): "Boys don't wear jewelry... unless they are pirates!"

Mia (whisking batter for strawberry shortcake): "I made a whirlpool!"

Mia (after placing raspberries on all of her fingertips during lunch): "I have tree frog fingers."

Mia: "Mom, Logan took his watermelon upstairs, and it spilled!" (File this one under "Things I do not wish to be told...")

Mia: "How come Ritzy's tongue looks like bacon?" (I don't even know what to say to that one.)

Logan (sounding alarmed): "Mom! There's holes in your ears!"
Me: "I know. That's where I put my earrings."
Logan (seemingly relieved): "Oh."

On the way home from the grocery store...
Mia: "Are we almost home?"
Me: "Yes, we'll be home in a few minutes. Why?"
Mia: "My forehead hurts."
Logan (apparently not wanting to be outdone): "My SIX head hurts!" He later added, "Does that mean I have a headache?"

Logan (watching Brett pick apart a rotisserie chicken for dinner): "Is that a dinosaur sculpture?"

Logan (laughing hysterically at the dinner table): "I just tooted!"
Me: "We say, 'Excuse me, please.'"
Logan (throws head back and yells): "Excuse me!" Then he continues to laugh crazily.

Mia: "Mom, you're the best spaghetti maker in the WHOLE world!"

Logan (sad because he doesn't like having pancakes for dinner): "I want to eat my food."
Brett: "What's your food?"
Logan: "Chicken nuggets, tacos, ... and BACON."

The kids are playing on the swing set when Mia notices a large yellow butterfly.
Mia: "Whoa! Look at that huge swallowtail!"
Logan: "Do they eat dogs?"

Mia (when I asked her if she needed her hands cleaned after painting): "I only painted with my right hand." {Holds up her hand.}
Me (noting paint): "This is your left hand."
Mia: "No wonder it was so hard!"

Logan (making faces in the mirror): "Hey, Mommy, look. My eyebrows can go up and down, up and down, up and down."

Mia (discussing the weather): "Muggy means it's hot like hot chocolate?"

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