Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Last week, I got a new cell phone. I didn't really want a new phone. I was actually quite happy with the one I had for the past three years, mostly because it did what I needed it to do, and I knew how to use it! Unfortunately, it decided to die on me. My theory is that it's a conspiracy between Verizon and the cell phone companies: the battery kept draining as it spent every night for about a week trying to upload some update that it was apparently too antiquated to accept, and this was how they forced me to upgrade! (I'm mostly joking here, because I don't really buy into conspiracy theories, however it really seems a bit too convenient for those companies, don't you think?) Anyway, I found a phone that is quite similar to the one I already had, although I went with a Samsung instead of an LG because it had a larger screen and it takes video. Not that I have shot any video yet, but you know, just in case, and also my phone before the one that just died took video so I did sort of wonder why I lost that feature when I upgraded to the QWERTY keyboard.

Now, here's the main reason I told you the background story. Since I had a new phone, this meant that I needed to get a new phone cover, which was a tougher decision than picking out the actual phone. (How's that for a first-world problem?) On my old phone, I had a black case with pink flowers and butterflies that I loved. However, my sister-in-law, Jill, recently got the same cover, which meant that it was high time for me to try something new. (And Jill, if you're reading this, know that I love you, but still, we need to have different cell phone covers!)

I was surprised by my inability to make a simple decision regarding a cell phone cover. An eBay search yielded tons of results for my phone, which I narrowed down to a handful: a blue-green floral design, turquoise with white polka dots, a rhinestone covered owl, a bright green background with a brown owl perched on a branch, splattered paint, purple with a white butterfly, and purple bling which had rhinestones on the entire thing. This was as far as I got the first night after picking up my new phone, and I actually lost sleep over this, if you can believe that. It shouldn't have been such a big deal, but after having the same case for three years, and knowing that I will have this one for that long, too (unless they get me with some whacked-out conspiracy), I felt it had to really reflect who I am. (If you read my post yesterday, you know that this has been on my mind lately.)

By the next day, I was able to knock a few off the list of possibilities. I had decided that I liked purple and butterflies but just not that particular design. The flowers were too generic. Turquoise with polka dots was cutesy but kind of blah, not really me. The bejeweled owl was rather ostentatious, completely over-the-top wild, which I decided might translate as "crazy" in the event that people are judging me by my phone cover, and I assume that they are -- otherwise this was a huge waste of brain power! The purple bling was pretty fabulous, but ultimately I decided it was ridiculously impractical considering how often I drop my phone, not to mention the fact that I was worried people would think I was ultra-girly and high maintenance. I like pretty things and I like being feminine, but that's not all there is to me, so it didn't seem deep enough. (I know, I'm way, way over-thinking this!) That left the green owl cover and the paint splattered cover, which I needed another night to sleep on.

This was a tricky one. I liked the owl because I like birds lately, plus it was a fun, graphic design. It was simple but fun. And I loved the bright green. (If you've been reading my recent posts related to Puerto Rico, I am sure you understand.) Plus, I felt that this would suggest to people that I lean toward environmental friendliness, you know, being green, both with the literal color and the animal imagery.

Ultimately, I chose the paint splattered cover, which I felt was ideal for my self expression. It has lots of bright COLORS! It showcases my fun and kooky side (hopefully without making me appear crazy), and it obviously lets everyone know that I am into artsy crafty things. All good stuff. I may also have been slightly influenced by this year's MOPS theme, "A Beautiful Mess," which I have currently been planning for. This made me somewhat concerned that people would think I was messy, disorganized, or something along those lines. Then, I realized that I am a mess, and it's okay. Personally, I would love it if everyone thought I had it all together, but I figured this was a fun risk to take with showcasing my silly, sloppy side instead of choosing the safer owl motif. (I do really love to try new things and have fun, but I am often held back by my own fears.) And here I thought that I was totally over-thinking this and making it so much more important than it really was, when, in fact, I learned a bit about myself during the decision making process. Hooray for self-expression that leads to self-understanding, a perfect theme for the "Summer of Meg!"

{It's a perfect fit for me}

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