Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Slippery Sock Solution

After reading this post about "parent hacks" that my friend Kelli shared on Facebook, I decided that I loved that lingo -- "parent hacks" -- so I am totally going to borrow it! I had seen a few of those ideas before, but the only one that I am currently using is the bread tab on the end of the tape roll so that I can always find the end. (This really is handy, and I have one on every roll of masking tape, duct tape, and packing tape in the house.) Reading about another person's ideas of "parent hacks" got me thinking as to whether or not I have created any "parent hacks" of my own. I came up with just one idea I have pulled off and posted about, my holy footie pj's repair job.

However, I did accomplish another "parent hack" this week, and quite successfully, I might add. Mia has been complaining about her socks being too slippery. (I'm not exactly sure why this is such an issue, considering that it is summer, but whatever.) Anyway, I must have mentioned an idea I had seen or read about somewhere to use puffy paint on the bottoms of socks (or maybe it was footie pajamas, since I was looking for ideas for fixing those holes...). Essentially, this would create DIY gripper socks, like the kind she always had when she was a toddler (but didn't have in her big-girl wardrobe). Mia reminded me that I had said I would do this, and she held me to it. We had a fresh supply of puffy paint on hand from having recently made our own window clings, so I couldn't really use the excuse of not having what I needed to get it done. So, I had her round up all the socks that required my attention before she went to bed one recent evening. This just meant that I had to actually make the gripper socks.

Fortunately, this is a truly simple "parent hack." To make gripper socks, I just took a tube of puffy paint (I used black, but any color would work) and made designs on the bottoms of her socks. Some designs that I used included dots, squiggly lines, butterflies, and hearts. On one pair, I wrote her name in a sort of calligraphy-inspired script, which she was especially excited by. Then, I just left the socks -- paint side up -- on the table to dry overnight. The not-so-slippery socks were ready to wear by morning. Problem solved.

{My slippery sock solution: puffy paint!}

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