Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to Tell If Your Dog May Be Spoiled

Using my pseudo-scientific method, you too, can determine if your dog is spoiled in just three easy steps.
1) Make some popcorn.
Don't worry; even the most sluggish of pooches will soon learn to recognize and respond to the sound of un-popped kernels being poured into the air popper. (The more quickly she emerges from her den, the more likely it is that you have a spoiled dog on your hands.)

2) Observe your dog's behavior while the popcorn is popping.
Does your dog simply watch as pieces of popped corn fly out of the air popper and land on the floor, totally ignoring them while giving you the "you've got to be kidding me" look? (If so, she may be spoiled.)

{Is it just me or does it really look like she's laughing?}

3) To be certain, add melted butter and note how excited your dog becomes. 
For example, my dog suddenly becomes much more lively because this is what she was waiting for! (Yeah, this is the true litmus test for determining whether or not your dog is truly spoiled.)

Now that your suspicions are confirmed, you may as well share your buttered popcorn with your spoiled pet. Before you jump down my throat, our vet says this is an acceptable treat for dogs. Okay, she didn't specifically say to add butter, but as you can see, her royal highness has decided that this is the only way she will eat it! By the way, I should add that step 2b is to clean up any un-buttered popcorn that landed on the floor, because the pampered pooch sure isn't going to take care of it any time soon.

{Oh, really, who could say "no" to this sweet face?}


  1. When someone new visits my blog, my first question (and I only question myself...) is how did they find me? How did they end up in my little corner of the internet?

    So I thought I'd introduce myself to you by telling you how I got here.

    I went to Pinterest. Something I don't do very often these days, I'm too busy.

    There was a project where a person had laid q tips out in a starburst pattern. The little blurb said something about using spray paint, take the q tips off and have an exploding heart.

    My brain looked at it and said, hmm, it might look like tie dye (which I do with the children I work with at least twice a year) and I went on a google image search. Where I was brought to the little snowflakes you made with Logan but alas... no explosion. :)

    So then I read a bit of your blog and could relate to a great deal of it. Then I left you a comment.

    Do you ever wonder if everyone else on the internet is crazy? :-D

    1. Ami, thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! I do appreciate the thought that went into it. :) The exploding paint project sounds pretty cool. I may have to investigate that myself... Hopefully, you found something useful (or at least entertaining) on my blog!