Thursday, April 11, 2013

Note to Self...

I found this little shamrock planting kit for $1 at Target back in March, and I thought it would be a an easy activity for Brett to do with Logan while I took Mia to a birthday party. As expected, the seeds started to sprout quickly, which is always good for planting with kids. The only problem is that there was only one leaf on each stem for the longest time, and I wish I had know that sooner. (The packaging was not particularly helpful with the timetable for germination or anything along that line, but again, it was very inexpensive, so I can hardly complain.) It turns out that it takes about four weeks for the sprouts to actually form three leaves and look like recognizable shamrocks! So, our shamrock seeds, which were planted just one week before St. Patrick's Day didn't really look like shamrocks until we got into April. For future reference, plan to plant shamrock seeds just after Valentine's Day to avoid this.

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