Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paper Plate Turkey

Logan made this feathered fellow at the library before Thanksgiving, and I am obviously late in posting it. Besides being super swamped with holiday preparations, I have had problems getting pictures loaded onto the blog, severely limiting my ability to add new posts. I think I have the issue resolved, so fingers crossed.

  • small paper plate
  • scissors
  • brown construction paper
  • yellow construction paper
  • other colors of construction paper
  • glue stick
  • 2 eye stickers (or googly eyes)
  • decorative scissors (optional)
  1. Cut off approximately 1/3 of the paper plate.
  2. From brown paper, cut a turkey body. To do this, draw a circle (somewhat smaller than the paper plate) with a smaller circular shape on top for the head.  
  3. Cut several feathers from colored paper. If desired, you can use decorative scissors for this.
  4. Cut a beak from yellow paper. Ours is a diamond shape, folded in half.
  5. Assemble your turkey. The straight edge of the cut plate is the bottom. Glue the feathers along the curved top edge of the plate, and then glue on the body. Next, glue on the beak and add the eye stickers or googly eyes. (If using googly eyes, I suggest using white glue instead of a glue stick.)
  6. To make it more interactive, Logan's turkey has a song glued to the back, to be sung to the tune of "Short'nin' Bread." This is optional, but it adds to the craft.
"My little turkey 
has feathers, feathers.
My little turkey
has a feather of (color)."

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