Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cause and Effect

I didn't think there were enough kids' quotes from June to warrant a post, so I combined them along with July's memorable ones.

While wearing the adorable Dumbo costume I found at a garage sale, Logan said, "Lookit. Me got BIG ears!"

Mia loves to tell me about what it will be like when she grows up. For example, she plans to keep horses. She told me, "Mom I've got the perfect names for my horses for when I grow up: Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Icing, and Strawberry Pie." She then went on to explain that Vanilla Icing is a spotted horse (I had assumed it would be all white.), Chocolate Chip is a gray horse (I would have guessed it would have brown spots.), and Strawberry Pie is all white.

Mia called out in a sing-song voice, "Fly-y-yyyy, come out. We're gonna kill you." Logan added, "Buzz buzz." Unfortunately, flies don't come when called so I had to stalk it all over the place with the flyswatter before finishing it off.

Logan: "Me want to wave bye-bye to Daddy."
Me: "He's still getting ready. Do you hear the shower?"
Logan: "He's getting all wet. With shower water." 

It makes me wonder if the kids have too much screen time when Mia says something like this: "Mom, can you pause the book? I need to go pee-pee!"

Mia said this while trying to carry a bunch of toys up to her room, "Whew! If only I had four hands like Curious George. Then all this stuff would be easier to carry!"

Logan is taking pride in his accomplishments. A good one: "Me do it myself. Ta-Da!" (after making his own PB&J sandwich) and a not so good one: "Me go pee-pee. Ta-Da!" (too bad it was on the floor)

Mia: "I'm not good at patience."

Logan slept late, but woke up feeling chipper, which is when we had this cute conversation.
Me: "Hi, Handsome!"
Logan: "Hi!"
Me: "How'd you sleep?"
Logan: "20 minutes."

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