Saturday, May 5, 2012


Remember a couple of weeks ago when I ran over Logan's tricycle? Well, the new wheel came, and Brett eventually got it put on. (It turns out that Radio Flyer wheels are especially tricky to remove.) Anyway, he was happy about that, but once he saw what I came home with today, I knew I was completely forgiven. Yes, Mama scored a sweet "new" ride on a virtual garage sale site: a Cars bike! And best of all, I only paid $10, so it was practically the deal of the century. (Unlike those Craigslist sellers that were asking obscene amounts of money like $60 for similar bikes.) Actually, I was prepared to pay the lady $15 which was the amount she had originally said. I thought was a good deal since it was exactly what I wanted, in good condition, and it had training wheels included. (After a quick trip to Walmart, I learned that the training wheels alone would have run me $15 brand new.) Then, when I met up with her today, she only wanted $10. I told her that was a steal and she said she didn't care because she just wanted someone to enjoy the bike. Believe me, he will enjoy this bike, and I am so happy to watch.

{Checking out the new bike while Daddy adds air to the tires}

{He couldn't wait to hop on!}

{One ridiculously happy boy saying, "Pedal, pedal, pedal" and "Go, Lightning McQueen!" Maybe I should paint a lightning bolt and number 95 on his helmet...}

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