Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote Catch-Up

I noticed that I was slightly behind when I found quotes from as far back as February in my notebook. As far as I can tell, these haven't gotten posted in blog format yet. (Or, at least most of them have not. I know the Easter bunny comment was, but I am still including it.) As you can see, Mia is getting some interesting "ideas" and Logan is in a snot-eating phase.

"Okay, Mom, here's my idea: you either give me a treat or we do a craft." ~ Mia (2/2/12) -- Obviously, we did a craft.

"Me love you Mommy." ~ Logan (2/2/12) -- Even though he gave away our hiding spot, how could I be upset? He is such a sweetheart.

Mia overheard us discussing our brackets and asked, "Mama, how come you pick-ed the 'tucky?" (3/12/12)

While reading a bedtime book, Logan sneezed. I said, "Ew. Do you want to get a tissue?" He replied, "No. Me lick it up." (3/25/12)

"Mom, I wish you were the Easter Bunny." When I asked why, Mia said, "because you make the best Easter eggs in the whole world." (3/26/12)

"Snowflakes? No way! It's already spring. Snow shouldn't be falling!" ~ Mia (4/10/12)

"I got an idea and nobody's gonna get hurt. I promise!" ~ Mia (4/18/12) -- Overheard while she was tying a jump rope around the play structure and all I thought was, "famous last words."

"Are all cats girls?" ~ Mia (4/18/12)

Me: "What are you eating?"
Logan: "Something from my nose." {Demonstrates picking his nose and eating the booger.} (4/20/12) -- Obviously, ignorance is bliss.

"I'm the fastest cowgirl in the West, Mama." ~ Mia (4/22/12) -- While playing dress-up.

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