Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paper Snow Globe Craft

Mia came home with this construction paper snow globe that she had made in preschool and I thought it was a cute idea. I think this could also be done with 2 paper plates, (one whole and one cut in half) but we haven't tried it yet. I could also see this modified to be a fish bowl craft or even a crystal ball to make at a Wizard of Oz themed birthday party, for example.
{Snow Globe by Mia, Age 4}
  • 2 colors of construction paper OR 2 paper plates
  • scissors
  • something round to trace
  • pencil
  • clear contact paper
  • crayons
  • glitter
  • glue
  1. On a piece of construction paper, trace around a plastic lid, plate, cup, or bowl to get a circle shape. 
  2. Using crayons, draw a design on the paper circle. Mia made a snowman, but you could make anything that you would like to have in a snow globe: Santa, snowy houses, trees, reindeer, etc.
  3. Trace a second circle onto another color of construction paper. Cut out the circle. Fold it in half and then cut into two pieces. Save one for the snow globe's base.
  4. Trace a third circle onto a piece of clear contact paper and cut it out. Don't peel off the backing yet.
  5. Glue your paper circle onto your paper half circle, which serves as the base for the snow globe.
  6. Carefully peel the backing off of the contact paper. Sprinkle a little bit of glitter onto it, not too much, though, or it won't stick to your paper. Adhere the clear contact paper on top of the paper circle to complete your snow globe, which looks like it has snow flakes swirling around inside.
  7. Once glue is dry, display your project.

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