Friday, September 16, 2011

Make Your Own Craft Foam Stamps

After reading this article in FamilyFun Magazine, I was inspired to come up with a similar, but smaller scale stamping project for Mia. Unlike the original craft, we didn't have to buy anything special (like a mailing tube); we used what we already had, including leftover adhesive foamies from Logan's birthday party craft. We tried both ink and markers with our stamps, but I am sure paint would work as well since this is what they used for the magazine craft project. I just figured that my way would be less messy, and I didn't want to clean up paint.

{Self-adhesive cars and trucks applied to cardboard from our recycling bin}

{Ink on a long rainbow stamp pad and stamp onto paper to create fun stationery.}

{Self-adhesive sailboats on cardboard from our recycling bin}

{Add some marker, stamp onto paper, and draw some waves for a greeting card.}

{I stamped this airplane using blue ink and then used markers to draw clouds and a loop-di-loop for a fun picture.}  

{I wondered how it would work if we adhered the foamies directly to a brayer and then inked it and rolled onto the paper?}
{Turns out this makes a nice rolling stamper.}
{Don't have a brayer? Just use a paper towel tube.}
{Artist at Work}
{Mia's rolling stamp art}

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