Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brought to You by the Letters P, G, and W

Logan has had another big language explosion in the past couple of weeks since he turned two. It's funny to me because I am realizing that before I know it, I will be trying to keep track of his funny sayings and not just new approximations, sounds, and words. For right now, though, I am excited to see him building off of some sounds that he has learned, "p," "g," and "w."

New exclamations include "wow!" (said when he saw his birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa-- a tricycle) and "woohoo!"

Some new sounds that Logan makes are a "whistle" to call the dog, a "siren" when he is playing with his firetrucks or police cars, a pretend "snore," and he copies Mia whenever she "coughs." (This drives her nuts, but new language is new language!)

He has several new words, too! While we were Up North, he wanted black pepper on something we were eating at dinner and twice asked for "pepper" very clearly. Then, one day last week he looked very sad and when I asked what was wrong, he replied, "poop." Sure enough, when I checked his diaper, it was poopy. I haven't heard him say it since, but I am hopeful that he will keep using this word because it is one of the first really functional words he has learned to say. During his most recent visit from his home teacher, last Thursday, he identified and labeled "keys" in a book. Yesterday, he called me "Mommy" for the first time. I think he still prefers Mama, but we will see how this plays out.

His teacher, Ms. Michelle, also got him to start making a sound when asked what Mia's name was. He doesn't get the "m" sound but he is saying something and it sounds like it has the "ia" in it. He had never said anything before when I asked him to say her name so this was exciting. Now, he will make his sound every time we ask. Later that day, he started saying his own version of Daddy, too, "Gaggy." This is great improvement because he was still avoiding saying anything, not even dada, when we wanted him to identify his daddy. Later that same day, Logan held out his messy hands after eating and informed me that they were "gucky." He has continued to use this to let me know his hands are yucky and need to be cleaned. Other recent approximations that Logan has begun using are "geen" for green and "puh puh" for purple. (He says purple pretty often now which has helped him get a sucker and Pedialyte when he wanted them.) And just today I repeatedly heard him say something that sounded "Click" while watching Diego, and it was always at the appropriate times when the characters asked the viewers to say the camera's name.

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