Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mommy Needs a Sick Day (or Two)

I woke up on the morning of July 4th feeling kind of yucky. I haven't determined yet if it's just a cold, but I think I am heading toward another sinus infection. Since yesterday was our first day back from spending the holiday at my parents' place Up North, I figured everyone was pretty tired and crossed my fingers that I would get through the day. Of course, I managed, but I really wasn't on top of my game. And my kids are pretty creative when they realize I'm not watching them as closely as I should be.

{Like our ice skates? They're mittens!}
The first "incident" was when Mia came to me upset and informed me that she had "accidentally" given her stuffed dog a haircut with some safety scissors. It wasn't all that bad, (and honestly, I thought it was funny, but tried to keep with our Love and Logic training by telling her "How sad..."). Mia kept apologizing and added, "I didn't mean to do it!" (Don't you love that one?) I replied, "Yes you did. It was a conscious decision." She made me chuckle when she answered, "It was?"

Later in the afternoon, the kids pulled out all of the hats, scarves, mittens, etc. from the coat closet. This isn't a big deal. I frequently let them play dress-up with the cold weather gear since it keeps them occupied. Then, they came up with a plan to do some "ice skating" in the entry way.

{Who knew? They're perfect for twirling.}
Before Daddy got home from work, it was time to feed the dog. Usually the kids like to help. Yesterday, Logan's way of "helping" was to pour all of the food out of the dish into his dump truck and then drive it away into the living room where he proceeded to eat as much as he could! His grand finale was climbing into the kennel with his truck and pouring the remaining food into Ritzy's water dish. Awesome.

{What? How can you be mad at me?}

{By the way, boys can wear pink, too. It just takes confidence.}
I think today is going better... the only snafu so far: Mia signed her name on her bed sheets using Chapstick. I told you she was creative!

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