Thursday, May 19, 2011

"NO, Mama!"

Today Logan had his final session with his speech teacher for this school year. He loves when Ms. Pam comes to our house, and he does such good work in a short period of time. Today he said "ball," which he has attempted to say before, but this time he definitely used the end consonant sound, which is new. Logan would supply the words "go go" when Ms. Pam said "ready... set..." to signal that he wanted to do something again. He has said "go" before, but not in such a reciprocal way. He also identified a picture of a bus by saying "bus." Up until then he was calling every vehicle a "ca" so this is a big deal.

The biggest deal of all, though, is when he got hold of a colored pencil. I tried to take it away from him because I was afraid he would poke himself with it. He clung tightly to it and cried, "NO, Mama!" This is his first two word phrase!! There will come a day when I will be totally annoyed to hear him talk back to me, but for now I am ecstatic.

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