Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paper Plate Easter Egg Wreath

Mia did this one almost entirely on her own. I think you could adapt it and use it for toddlers on up. You can make the eggs as fancy or as plain as you want, but either way I think it is fairly simple to make this craft.
{Easter Egg Wreath by Mia, Age 4}

  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • tape
  • pencil
  • markers, crayons, or paint
  • construction or scrapbooking paper
  • stapler or glue
  • yarn or ribbon for hanging
  • egg shaped cookie cutter (optional)
  • decorative materials: beads, foam, pom poms, rickrack, etc. (optional)

  1. Using scissors, cut out inner circle of a paper plate.
  2. Decorate outer ring with markers. (You could also use paint or crayons if you prefer.)
  3. Using cookie cutters, trace and cut out several egg shapes from construction paper. (If you don't have an egg shaped cookie cutter, you can draw one freehand, cut it out and use it as a template or find a picture you like and trace it.)
  4. Decorate construction paper eggs if desired. (You can also you patterned scrapbooking paper.)
  5. Arrange eggs on the paper plate ring. When you are happy with the arrangement, glue or staple them.
  6. Cut a length of yarn or ribbon and adhere to the back of the plate with tape. 
  7. Make sure all glue is dry before hanging your wreath.

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