Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paintin' in the Rain

I don't remember where I found this idea originally, but I know I saw it somewhere last spring and we're just now getting around to it. Also, it's a bit more of a "wintry mix" today than a "spring shower" but I think it works about the same.
{Abstract Painting by Mia, Logan, and myself}

  • paper
  • markers

  1. Color a piece of paper with markers. It seems to look best if you fill the paper. I preferred the painting we did with abstract designs over the ones that were supposed to look like something realistic.
  2. Place paper outside while it's raining. (Weight paper down with rocks if necessary.)
  3. Wait a few minutes for colors to run and then bring paper back inside.
  4. Allow paper to dry (I used a hair dryer to speed things along.) and then display your "watercolor painting."
    {Mia's Drawing Before}
  1. {Mia's Drawing After}
{My Drawing (with help from Logan) Before}
{My Drawing (with help from Logan) After}

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