Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making a Splash

I took the kids to the Splash 'n Play at the Hartland pool for the first time yesterday since Logan's LESA playgroup was meeting there for a field trip. We had minor issues getting there since the high school wasn't where as had thought it was, but the GPS helped with that. Then, Logan was miserable as soon as we arrived and got pretty mad at me for putting a disposable swim diaper on him (can't say that I blame him for that; I'm sure it was far less comfy than his Fuzzi Bunz). Once we got outside of the locker room, I saw that we needed to shower, which was not fun for any of us.

By that point I was just wanting to get us into the water, hoping that would calm Logan down, as he was getting red in the face from crying so hard. I was carrying him and walking kind of fast to get to the kids' area and Mia was trailing a bit behind me when a lifeguard stopped me and said that I needed to put a life jacket on her. Oops! We were walking right past the lap pool, so that was a major mistake on my part and I should have at least had her next to me holding onto my hand. Luckily, no mishaps occurred and everyone is perfectly fine after that lapse in judgment.

After putting life jackets on both kids made it to the splash area, which is not zero entry like I thought it was. There is definitely standing water, and it gets deeper the farther you go into the pool. Logan was not impressed. In fact, he seemed annoyed that I would dare to get him wet. He wasn't interested in the little water slide, although I did take him down it once. He couldn't care less about the sprayers or the buckets of dumping water, and the water cannons were just a disaster. I have to agree with him on that point. Who likes getting doused with water, especially when you are facing the opposite direction so you don't expect it?

We met up with one of the classroom teachers helped me out by taking Mia into the lazy river. Logan and I followed and after a few trips around he was starting to relax. I pointed out the palm trees with monkeys in them, the big blue water slide, and the pink flamingos on top of a bright yellow pipe. He looked around and took everything in. About the point when he was so relaxed that he looked like he might fall asleep in my arms, splash time was over and we had to get out.

Mia was very sad about getting out of the 86 degree water, mostly because she said she was cold. Getting everyone changed and out of the locker room took quite awhile. Then, we waited so I could talk to the receptionist about signing the kids up for swim classes. She told me a little about the different classes and said that registration started the following day. Her advice was to get online to set up their accounts once we got home and then to register as early in the morning as possible, presumably because sessions quickly fill up.

By the time we got out of there, it was noon, so being the great mom that I am we headed to Burger King. The funny thing is that as we were getting ready in the morning, Mia asked if we were packing a lunch for the beach and I had told her no because were going to a pool, not the beach. It turns out that I should have listened to her.

At bedtime, Mia asked me to look at the "green spot" that she had on her foot. I thought it was a blister at first, and then on closer inspection realized it was a plantar wart. I don't know how quickly they pop up, so I wonder if she got it at the pool or if she had it awhile (although I have no idea where else she would have gotten it)? So now I need to figure out the best way to treat the wart by April 19th, when she starts first Aqua Tots. Logan will be in Aqua Babies. They were registered at 5:30 this morning! (It sounds crazy, but I was up after nursing Logan so I figured I would just enroll them before I forgot. And the online registration process took about 4 minutes since I had already created their accounts. I love the internet!)

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