Monday, March 28, 2011

Hand Print/Foot Print Flower Painting

{Flower by Mia, Age 3}

We've seen the first few flowers of spring poking through the ground and it made me think of a spring flower painting Mia and I did last year around this time. With adult help, this craft would work for practically any age. It's easy to do, but can get a bit messy if you're not prepared to clean up as you go.

  • paper (We used pink.)
  • green paint
  • another color of paint 
  • paint brush (foam worked well)
  • newspaper to protect work surface (optional)
  • paper towels, wash cloths, baby wipes, etc.
  1. Cover child's hand with paint and press onto the center of the top part of the paper. Clean off child's hand.
  2. Cover bottom of child's left foot with green paint and press onto the paper underneath and to the left of the hand print flower. (We found that doing this on the floor and having the child stand on the paper was easiest.) Clean off child's foot.
  3. Repeat step 2 with the right foot. 
  4. Using a paint brush, add a green stem to connect the flower with the leaves.
  5. Once the paint is dry, display your flower craft.
Note: We used acrylic paint, which dries fast but stains clothing, so be sure to cover clothing or wear some you don't care about ruining if using acrylic paints.

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