Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 Little Lessons From the Past Week

  1. Ranch dressing makes an interesting hair styling product.
  2. Getting a new sofa is somewhat like buying a trampoline, at least from a kid's point of view. 
  3. Most of the winter clearance stuff is already gone; apparently I should have started shopping sooner for coats, boots, and snow pants for next year. (Although to be fair, I scored some good deals, but I had to go to many, many stores.) 
  4. There's poop on the carpet, and it may just stay that way. Logan totally freaked out when I tried to use the little hand held spot cleaner. Just the idea that I might turn it out had him shrieking and attempting to climb up my leg. (I'm not sure why; he's fine with the vacuum cleaner.)
  5. When I put the dog out yesterday morning, she was practically ice skating on the sidewalk. Dogs do not like to ice skate. They would rather pee on the porch.

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