Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday "Leftovers"

I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday, and I love that it lasts a whole season instead of just one day. But I am well and truly exhausted by it this year. After two family celebrations and approximately 832 gifts being exchanged, I'm spent. (And Santa hasn't even made it to our house yet!) Plus, it seems like several days away from home compounded by lack of sleep and consuming way too many sweets has everyone in the family acting out of sorts. I'm starting to feel like a grinch, but it seems like everything was over the top: too many presents, too much food, too many festivities...

Mia has been cranky, whiny, and demanding. Apparently she thinks if she says "I want" everything will just be given to her. Logan's tummy is a mess. I think this is largely due to his discovery that chocolate is yummy (although all of the molars he's cutting probably aren't helping any). There have been squabbles over new toys, interrupted sleep schedules, and many hours spent in the car (several of which were spent listening to Logan scream). And the icing on this cake of craziness is that Mia seems to have temporarily forgotten how to use the toilet. Ugh! I am getting very tired of it all, and of course, being tired makes this mama pretty grouchy. These are some holiday "leftovers" that I could do without.

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