Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Musings of a Tired Mama

I sometimes hear parents say that their kids are paying them back for how they behaved for their own parents. So what gives? My parents say that I was an easy child to raise. How did I end up with a diva-in-training and a walking disaster who's always on the move?

Sometimes I wonder if there is significance in my kids' first words. Mia's first actual word (I don't count mama) was "bye-bye." Since then, we have had many incidents involving her running away from us in public places. Logan's first word wasn't really a word, more of a laugh. "Ha ha ha." Clearly, the joke is on me. Now if I only knew what it was, I could prepare myself!

You know how people joke that if you want it to rain, you should wash your car? Getting Logan to poop is essentially the same. He usually does when his cloth diapers are in the middle of a wash cycle. He doesn't even go on a daily basis, yet this he manages to do with regularity.

How did we end up with so many stuffed animals in our house? My theory is that they breed during the night. Also, why do half of them play music or make noise of some kind? As if it's not enough that they are everywhere, they have to drive me even crazier by playing "Jingle Bells" year round or growling when stepped on.

Why hasn't anyone ever invented a sock that will stay on a baby's foot? I think if this could be achieved it would be worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Just for one day, I would like to use the bathroom without an audience, and go from sunup to sundown without wearing someone else's food crumbs or bodily fluids. (And a full night's sleep wouldn't be too shabby either.)

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