Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Importance of Following Directions

Mia and I were working on our fifth paper folding project in a row. These literally came out of a book, so it wasn't difficult, especially since the dotted lines for folding were printed directly on the paper. I was just a bit tired of folding paper. Nearing the end, I read the directions aloud, "use a small drop of glue at the ends to hold the strips together." I told Mia, "I'm just going to use tape." It seemed faster and less messy. Mia informed me, "But that's not what the directions say." I sighed and then said, "You're right. It's important to follow directions." I knew that I needed to set a good example since I have told Mia approximately 2,861 times that she should be a good listener and follow directions. Then I got out a glue stick. Amazingly, she didn't complain about not being able to use "drops" of glue. I guess it's okay to bend the rules a little!

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