Monday, October 18, 2010

A Boy and His Dog (are Not So Different)

Some people will tell you that having a dog does not prepare you for having a baby. While kids and dogs are obviously not the same, I tend to disagree. Having a son is very much like having a dog. Here are some things that I've caught Logan doing that mimic our dog, Ritzy's, actions:
  • eating dog food (Of course, we don't give this to him!)
  • dipping his hand/cup/pacifier in the dog's water dish (and then sucking on it)
  • lying in the dog's kennel (He gets in there on his own, and then he refuses to get out. Sometimes he even shuts the door!)
  • tracking in dirt
  • making a lot of unnecessary noise
  • demanding attention
  • enjoying time outside
  • carrying things around in his mouth
  • nipping playfully
  • spilling his food
  • dribbling his water
  • snuggling
  • chewing on things (shoes, clothes, toys, the dog's rawhide...)
  • eating grass

The main difference between having a son and having a dog is that you can leave the dog home alone!

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