Friday, September 24, 2010

Mommy Must Have: Wet Bags!!

Wet bags are wonderful! I don't know why they aren't talked up and marketed to new moms the way so many other baby products are. Why didn't I know about them sooner? I guess because they aren't really a "mainstream" type of thing. The only moms who really know about them and use them are the cloth diapering mamas out there. I didn't learn of their existence until I started cloth diapering when Logan was about 2 months old. But I have got to tell you this: whether or not you cloth diaper, wet bags are great to have for on the go. Every mom should have at least one!

Before I had wet bags, I had to put wet or soiled clothes or wet swimsuits and towels into plastic bags. The problem with this, besides the obvious lack of environmental-friendliness, is that I didn't always have with me. Plus, you have to tie them in a knot to close them. And.They.Leak.

Since I started cloth diapering and discovered the amazing invention we call the wet bag, my life has gotten simpler. I can use my wet bags for cloth diapers and wipes AND other for things! Logan had awful reflux, which meant lots of outfit changes. Where did the yucky clothes go when we weren't at home? In the wet bag, of course. And then Mia started potty training, which meant lots of accidents, big and small. Where did the yucky clothes go? In the wet bag. And whenever we go swimming or to the splash pad, where do the wet swimsuits and towels go? You guessed it: in the wet bag! And then the bag goes into the wash right along with the messy clothes. It's brilliant. I am seriously thinking of sending each kid to college with a wet bag and keeping at least one for myself even after the kids are grown. They are just that fabulously functional and they come in all sorts of cute prints. I don't know what else is more useful and more versatile for moms with kids of all ages, except perhaps a wet-dry bag!

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