Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slice of Summer Watermelon Craft

The inspiration for this project comes from: http://www.kinderart.com/painting/watermelon.shtml
Materials Needed:
completed watermelon craft projects
  • red construction paper
  • black construction paper 
  • watermelon slice (real)
  • green paint
  • scissors
  • glue 
  • paint brush
Optional Materials:
  • teardrop hole punch
  • scalloped scissors
  • black craft foam

I used two different shades of green paint on this one.
  1. Eat slice of watermelon and save the rind.
  2. Coat rind with green paint.
  3. Place rind paint side down on red construction paper and press firmly.
  4. Remove rind and discard. Allow paint to dry.
  5. Cut paper into shape of watermelon slice following green outline.
  6. Use teardrop hole punch (or scissors if you don't have a hole punch) to make black construction paper seeds. (I didn't try this, but you could also use black craft foam for added dimension.)
  7. Glue seeds to watermelon slice.
  8. Use scalloped scissors to make bite marks in the watermelon slice, if desired.
    Watermelon craft by Mia, age 3 1/2 (scalloped "bite" by Mama)

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