Monday, May 7, 2012

News from the Front Line

This just in: Logan has given up on naps. Unfortunately for me, this frees up his afternoon, giving him an extra 2-3 hours of mischief-making. For example, this afternoon, he dumped all of the crayons out on the living room floor and then began eating them. While I gave him The Look, (you know the one that all moms have mastered, the one that says "Watch it, Buster. You're heading for trouble." ) he looked directly back at me and innocently said, "What?" as if he had no clue what I could possibly be unhappy about. So I said, "Stop eating crayons, please." In typical two year old fashion, he responded with an emphatic "no." Then, he resumed eating crayons, seeming to grin while opening his mouth wide and taking big bites, even larger bites than before. It was as if he was daring me to try to stop him, but I wasn't going to engage. I figured this was a losing battle, and since it wasn't really hurting him, I did nothing... until about a minute later when he gagged and began throwing up what I assume was the apple he had recently had for snack. (Of course, it was interspersed with multi-colored flecks of wax.) Then I had to console him, offer him a cup of water, and clean up the mess. My fingers are crossed that he learned a lesson here, specifically: crayons are not for eating. I just wish he could have learned this lesson before I had vacuumed.

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