Friday, October 7, 2011

Beaded Indian Corn Mosaic Craft

Here is another variation of an Indian corn craft that we made using leftover dyed pasta beads and some cardboard from the recycling bin.
{Indian Corn Mosaic By Mia, Age 4}

{Mia's Work in Progress}
  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • dyed pasta beads (or plastic beads)
  • tacky glue
  • green crepe paper (optional)
  • hole punch (optional)
  • yarn, ribbon, or string for hanging (optional)
{Indian Corn Mosaic By Logan, Age 2}
  1. Draw an ear of corn (long narrow oval) with husks onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out. If you don't want to draw it freehand, try printing off a template.
  2. Help your child apply dots of tacky glue all over the cardboard.
  3. Have your child adhere pasta (or plastic) beads to the dots of glue.
  4. If desired, cut two strips of green crepe paper, glue to the cardboard, and trim the ends to look like husks as I did for Logan's project.
  5. Allow all glue to dry before displaying your project. The beaded cardboard ends up being fairly heavy so it may not stick to your refrigerator. One option is to punch two holes and thread yarn, ribbon, or string through for hanging.

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