Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On to Plan B...

On our way to Minnesota for my brother's wedding, we decided to stop in Chicago. Our plan was to visit Shedd Aquarium to let the kids blow off some steam. We quickly discovered that it was their free entrance day which meant that the wait to get into the aquarium was an hour and a half! Obviously, we weren't going to stand outside in the sun in the heat of the day for that long, although many, many other parents of young children seemed willing to do this! So we went to the Field Museum instead. (In retrospect, we probably should have just gone to the nearby outdoor children's garden to let the kids play since it was free, and the Field Museum, well, wasn't.)

We ended up tooling tearing around the Field Museum for about the same amount of time we would have spent in line for Shedd. Seriously, the kids didn't stand still long enough to really take in any of the exhibits, but they used up some energy, which was our main goal. It was good that we didn't go to Shedd, because there is no way there would have been space for them to go crazy expend some energy. I was a little bummed that nobody would pose with me in front of Sue, the T-Rex, but I did get one photo of Logan and Mia. Honestly, I am lucky to have gotten the one picture. We were moving that fast.
{Apparently, if you look through these holes you can find out what it's like to be a barnacle. Not sure why you would want to, but they found it amusing.}
Before leaving the Field Museum, we headed to the bathrooms (obviously), where I encountered something I have never seen before: a Nanny Caddy. It's a vending machine that dispenses baby and toddler items that parents may have forgotten or run out of while out and about. I don't know if they just have these in big cities or if it's something totally new, but I couldn't help but wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?" Someone is getting rich off of frazzled parents who have run out of diapers or band-aids or who simply can't find that last pacifier!

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