Friday, April 15, 2011

Signs of Spring

I think we can finally say that spring has arrived! Here are some of the signs of spring that I have noticed in the past week, in no particular order:
  • Logan has eaten sand, dirt, sidewalk chalk, and rabbit droppings. (Fortunately, he decided that the last one wasn't edible and spit it out almost immediately.)
  • Mia has been playing with various bugs, including a caterpillar of some sort. (I think it is destined to be something less lovely than a butterfly.)
  • Mia knelt on an anthill while studying the grape hyacinths. Thankfully, I noticed quickly and she only had a few ants in the cuff of her jeans.
  • Mia found the first dandelion in the yard. She was absolutely thrilled to find a "flower."
  • Logan got the first scraped knee of the season. If he even noticed it, he showed no sign.
  • The farmer kitty-corner from us has a brand new baby llama born the day before yesterday.
  • Spiders are coming out of the woodwork, apparently. All I know is that they keep appearing in the house, and the kids are playing with them.
  • The battle against grass stains has officially begun!
  • Since it finally got a bit warmer, the kids are wearing a mish-mash of clothing sizes -- whatever I could dig out from storage. And it's apparent that I need to do some shopping since they have grown.
  • The rainstorm from a few nights ago pelted the crocuses and they are pretty much done. The good news is that the tulip leaves are well on their way.
  • The people across the street are getting a new roof. I don't know if it has anything to do with the recent rainstorm or possibly just that they needed a new roof and have just gotten their tax return.
  • There are little buds on some of the trees in our yard!

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