Friday, February 4, 2011

Things that Make You Go Hmmm

  • Why do all kids like hot dogs (seriously, I don't even want to know what is in them, let alone eat them), but they turn up their noses at bread crust?
  • Why don't all toys come with volume control? The ones that have one volume only, are LOUD. On the other hand, kids quickly figure out the difference between the two settings and always opt for the louder one, anyway...
  • And on a related note, why didn't anyone tell me sooner about the Scotch tape trick for making noisy toys quieter? It's so simple and brilliant. Now, I have finally have control of the volume on those toys! (And so far, no one has managed to remove the tape from the speakers.)
  • I recently noticed that colored Goldfish crackers are now made with "natural ingredients." It makes me wonder what prompted the change. Fingers crossed that more foods will be made with "natural ingredients" in place of food dyes and other stuff that I prefer not to think about (even though I know they are harmful.)
  • How is it that everyone can be up 2-3 hours before we have to leave the house, but we will still end up running late?
  • Why am I the only one who ever changes a roll of toilet paper?
  • How did people ever get by without dishwashers, cell phones, high-speed internet, DVR, and Netflix? Am I spoiled? You bet! Do I feel bad about it? No way!
  • Strangely enough, Dollar Tree has the best selection of decent quality hair accessories for Mia. (Granted, you have to poke through stuff and you never know what you may find, but it always seems worth it to check out that section of the store.)
  • Why do Barbie dolls cost so much? And while we're on the topic of dolls, what is up with the exorbitant prices for American Girl dolls and clothing? I would consider starting Mia with if the doll itself didn't cost more than I would spend on all birthday or Christmas gifts for her!
  • Being a parent of young children is weird. You spend a lot of time talking about poop, and it doesn't matter who you're talking to. Poop seems to come up as a topic of discussion with practically everyone.  
  • This morning I discovered what appears to be a bruise on Logan's earlobe. What in the world caused that?

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