Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reasons Why I Love My Cloth Diapers

1) They save us so much money. The resale value is great, so when it comes time to sell them, I can say I diapered Logan for free (or nearly)!
2) Doing our part to help out the environment by not dumping thousands of diapers in a landfill.
3) Way cuter than disposables. :) So many choices for colors and patterns...
4) This is the only thing that cleared up Logan's diaper rash. (I probably should make this #1)
5) People think I am an awesome mom for using cloth diapers. (I believe just yesterday I was called "Super Mom"- gotta say that feels pretty good).
6) Used cloth diapers smell way better than a pail full of dirty disposables.
7) My hands actually get less icky during changes than they did when I used disposables.
8) I can use one cloth wipe instead of up to 5 or 6 disposable wipes to clean up a poopy bum.
9) You can customize the fit much more than with disposables (adjustable at the legs and the waist).
10) No weird, scary chemicals up against baby's tushie.
11) Snaps are harder for a baby to undo than the disposable's velcro-type tabs.
12) Diaper blow-outs: forget about it.
13) Soft, fleecy material or scratchy paper material? Is there really any question as to which I want against my baby's bottom?
14) I have heard that cloth-diapered babies potty train more easily.
15) A baby can wear nothing but a cloth diaper and look adorable. It's harder to pull off in a disposable (not quite as classy, if you ask me).
16) How many conversations have I been drawn into about disposables? (um, probably none) I love talking about our FuzziBunz, and people are always interested in talking about them. :)
17) The brand names are fun to say. I love FuzziBunz!!
18) Better absorbancy, again with the customization ie. add a hemp doubler behind the microfiber insert.
19) I love looking at our stash of cloth diapers. They make me happy. :)
20) Fun accessories like wet bags, which are also great for wet swimsuits and clothes that have fallen prey to the many accidents of toilet-training a toddler. (I actually get tons of compliments on my wet bag that I carry in the diaper bag!)
21) If I hadn't started cloth diapering I wouldn't have learned about the most awesome diaper rash salve, Northern Essence. Great stuff! (and it smells like lemon not zinc oxide, total bonus)

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