Friday, June 11, 2010

Mom2Mom Madness

I am officially participating in my first Mom2Mom Sale (as a seller) tomorrow. It's been a TON of work preparing for this, so I hope it's worth it. My goal is to unload stuff we no longer need rather than to make money, although some money would be nice. It did cost $25 to rent the space (which I had thought included a table, but apparently not). It took about 4-5 days of folding clothes and sorting them by size, and I ended up with eight bins of kids clothes plus a large bin of maternity clothes. I was a bit surprised that I actually felt kind of nostalgic toward those clothes that I wore during my two pregnancies. At the time, I was so sick of them!
Okay, so assuming we can fit all of those clothes bins in the cars (and yes, we are taking both cars), I am hoping to also sell two Diaper Champs, the bouncy seat, the play gym, Logan's size small Fuzzi Bunz diapers, winter apparel, that cozy little zippered sleeping bag type thing for the car seat, and an assortment of noisy toys. What are the odds that anyone wants those? I guess if the price is right... Aside from the diapers, I don't think I will ask more than $5 for an item. I hope my guesses are good.

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